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Partnership between LETCEE and Dalton Trust Education
Who is LETCEE?

The Little Elephant Training Centre for Early Education (LETCEE) is a non-profit organization, established in 1991, situated in Greytown in the Kwazulu-Natal midlands. Its vision is to improve both the access to, and quality of early learning opportunities for all young children. It does this through Early Childhood Development (ECD) training, and family-based ECD programmes in rural communities.
Building on experience in previous projects, LETCEE’s current ECD model focusses on working with communities to create an environment of mutual trust and respect, rather than just imposing the organisation’s goals and strategies. It uses family-based, and value-driven interventions, promoting community values and strengths and building families’ self-esteem.
Communication, participation and
  empowerment are key principles, and the community is encouraged to take ownership of the programme and become actively involved in the process. It also takes a
rights-based approach which encourages both adults and children to know and fight for their rights, while also taking responsibility for their actions.

The programme thus far...

LETCEE has been providing support to the Dalton Education Trust for their
community-based education programme using this model. They have been involved from the beginning, attending the initial community meetings and informing the communities what the programme could entail.
The Committee, ECD Coordinator and the Family Facilitators have been involved in various training sessions and workshops held by LETCEE since April 2009. The Committee has also received training regarding their roles and function in the
  programme as well as the roles of the Family Facilitators. At the beginning of the partnership the Committee visited LETCEE and were able to see the programme in action in a community 30kms outside of Greytown.

The ECD Coordinator and Family Facilitators received comprehensive training on all aspects of the ‘learning through play’ approach. They have also completed three out of five core modules of accredited Level 1 ECD training. Support visits have been undertaken by the LETCEE staff, visiting with the Family Facilitators in the homes that they work in and providing advice where necessary.
LETCEE was also involved in establishing the Toy Library at the Resource Centre at Dalton Bridge. They sourced the toys for the library and trained a Toy Librarian, elected by the community.
Further training and support will continue in 2012.